A Soundtrack Without Music

Every so often, a video comes our way that simply floors us - a story that compels us.  In the spirit of celebrating creativity in work that we haven't been involved with, we want to showcase this fantastic vignette from Dick's Sporting Goods

When it comes to a convincing story in film, sometimes the best way to tell it is by just simply showing it, this piece does exactly that. Starting right in the middle of the scene, the setting is clear.  The sequence takes place in one long take, never breaking view of what's happening in the scene.  The scene is simple, but bares a lot of details that surface that draws the viewer to re-watch this piece multiple times. 

Part of what creates a strong mood is that there is no music in the vignette which can bring a powerful impact.  Without a supporting soundtrack, there is a more attention to the details in the scene: voices, sounds, atmosphere, etc...  The arrangement and orchestration doesn't come from the music, but relies on the composition of the players.

This is a great film that captures the essence of a moment with all of it's complexities that come with it, letting the story unfold by simply showing it.  Enjoy.