Commercials // BasicGrey: Capture

How do we remember experiences we've had?  Images are often captured on our phones and sit intangible only to be logged in a cluster of other random memories.  Sometimes the kinesthetic act of collecting and keeping memories in physical form can lead to capturing time in a lasting way.

In a recent collaboration, we worked with BasicGrey on their video (literally) showing a step-by-step process of gathering experiences creatively into one condensed collection of memories.  "All That I Needed" by Fremont joyfully bounces along to the pacing of the video.  As the soundtrack builds and moves, the visuals mimic with physical layers and textures harmonizing into one cohesive vignette.

Although there are many vibrant textures constantly being added, there is a harmony to it.  As the images unfold and envelope, the editing matches the story - small pieces of information collected to create a bigger picture, a larger memory that stays.