Mixtape Mondays // Epic + Anthemic


Ever soared the skies with a falcon in each hand?  Glided down a mountain on the back of a Gryphon? Well these things are impossible, but the 10 songs on our new mixtape will still take you on a journey of epic proportions.  For this installment of Mixtape Monday, we present our Epic + Anthemic mix to your ears.  Download and share.

Within each expansive song to the next, there is a consistent empowered and cinematic tone, perfect for any monumental moment in your film.

Take for example, the hopeful and imaginative song Light It Up by Dan Koch.  Packed with ooh's + aah's, synthesizers and electric guitars.

The instrumental version of Kye Kye's new jam Honest Affection is addicting in it's ethereal and powerful nature.  Surging drum machines lead the way on this one.

In this angelic remix of Rise by Josh Garrels, it provides an immersive and anthemic tone.  Emotional and beautiful.

Whether scaling the side of a steep mountain range, or perched in a eagles nest hovering over a majestic forest; these songs will might be the soundtrack to your next adventure.