Music + Picture // Bounty's portrait of Ken Delmar: Paper Towel Artist

In a recent vignette from Bounty and the fine folks at Gnarly Bay, we get a snapshot of Ken Delmar: an artist who paints on the unlikely surface of paper towels.  Through this moving collaboration of music and film, we not only follow the story of an artist, but a story of curiosity, family and happenstance.

How can one song fit multiple moods of a story? 

A good soundtrack relies on how it can shift along with the arc of the presented narrative of the film. Right Before My Eyes by Lee Brooks moves along in perfect pace with the different turns and emotions that occur within this piece; creating the perfect bright and cinematic feel that matches the imaginative and colorful vibe.  From beginning to end, the music supports and grows with the vignette and even matches a euphoric turn at 2:46 giving a proper and encompassing climax.

Dive into the innovative world of Ken Delmar, a place that shows that it's never too late to explore and express yourself through art.  Enjoy and keep creating.