Featured Artist // Take a night drive with Purse Candy


Matthew Ellis has fully settled into Portland as a home with highly infectious brand of darker-tinged synth-pop crafted under the moniker, Purse Candy.  His vibrant jams will make the most hardened of souls move to the beat of his 80's synth ballads of young love.  The first thing you might notice when listening to Ellis's music is how many colorful textures live harmoniously within his compositions.

Take for example, the bright and hopeful I Need Want It driven by acoustic guitar, drum machine and piano.  This song brings the sense of reflection during an eternal summer.

The ethereal, mysterious and sexy composition A Storm Approaches gives a great foreboding quality that keeps a sense of suspense and intrigue.  Much akin the likes of M83, this song brings vivid imagery of a neon skyline of the city at night.

Purse Candy has been featured in commercials by BMW, JCPenney, Subaru, Toshiba and the television show 'Breaking Pointe' to name a few.  With such an impressive resume of projects, it proves that even though his compositions are electronically driven, there is something very honest and human with his music, whether you live in the future or not.

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