Looking for a Business Affairs + Administrative Wizard


This opportunity requires someone who actually enjoys pushing lots of paper, managing highly repetitive, sometimes mundane processes, understands how to manage an office, and considers his or herself an Administrative Jedi. We’re looking for someone to begin with us as a student...one who will first listen, study, and learn... and quickly grow into the role of a critical thinker who is constantly looking for ways to improve systems and processes. This opportunity has the following core responsibilities:

1.) Business Affairs. Management of music licensing related paperwork, process, and procedures. This includes drafting and managing agreements and overseeing communications with clients, artists and vendors. Work in cooperation with the Financial Affairs Manager and the Managing Partner to help lead Human Resource policies, discussions, problems and related matters. Be responsible for maintaining insurance policies and similar matters. Help lead and manage building maintenance, repair, and lease related business for the company. Update and maintain general policies and procedures for Marmoset.

2.) Financial Affairs Support. Work in a support role with the Financial Affairs Manager to manage Accounts Receivables (Aged Debtors) and Aged Payables. This includes weekly management of invoices 30+ days past due. The situations, relationships and the dynamics involved require an extremely high degree of care and diligence.

3.) Other Responsibilities. Royalty administration and management, including managing matters, systems and processes related to SAG, PRO and AFM organizations. Must have the ability to lead some very basic legal affairs issues and situations, while helping discern when it’s appropriate to elevate matters to Marmoset’s legal council. Maintain the Corporate Record Book and other legal business requirements. 


Basics: Administrative superpowers. Able to completely dominate paperwork and highly mundane, repetitive tasks. Have a mind that regularly looks for ways to find efficiencies, innovate and make things better. Not scared of contracts. Strong communicator. Team player.

Personality: Type A. So highly organized and detail oriented that it often annoys your friends and family. Self­starter with a contagious “can do” attitude. Plays well with others. Thick skin ­ able to regularly accept failure and/or rejection and grow from it. Unflappable: succeeds in a highly creative, fast paced, often loud and distracting environment.

Abilities: Strong attention to detail, highly organized, excellent communication, good researcher, excellent listener, fast learner. Details, details, details. Strong written and oral abilities.

Experience: Proven track record for being an administrative genius. Worked on a team or in an organization where your strong attention to detail and highly organized attributes made an impact. You excel in managing highly repetitive, process and paperwork­intense responsibilities. The sort of duties and administrative tasks that would likely bore, frustrate or exhaust most people actually invigorate you. Experience with contracts is a plus.

Passion: Desires to be part of a team and work in a familial environment. Making a difference in the world. Passion for music, arts and creative is a plus. 


Small Portland, Oregon based music agency with BIG dreams. Launched in 2010, slowly, steadily growing.

Amazing clients of all shapes, colors, and sizes, ranging from huge global brands and advertising agencies...to small production companies. Most of our clients are not located in Portland.

A small, family­feel work environment that has fun, offers flexibility and cares deeply about the work we do.

It’s more than a business. Marmoset is focused on fostering a sustainable community that supports and cultivates blue collar, hard working independent artists, the art they make and the lives and families they lead. 

We work hard and play hard. Occasional 50 hour work weeks are offset with long weekends and flexibility whenever possible.

At the end of the day, relationships, our care for each other, and respect for all rules.

Opportunity for both professional and personal growth.

Ping pong, foosball and cornhole. Tons of music and opportunities for social and community endeavors.

Salary Range for this opportunity: $28k ­ $32k depending on experience.

Benefits: Medical, dental, paid time off, and tons of fun. 

Because we are a small company, this opportunity has the potential to evolve in a variety of ways and will at times require a high degree of flexibility and juggling, depending on what needs to be done.

In summary... You have an uncanny ability to dominate administrative duties. You are highly organized, you play well with others and you truly enjoy being part of a team. You have an unusual interest in developing and improving administrative systems and processes, and you have a consistently high attention to detail. You find the idea of reviewing dozens of contracts every week intriguing. If this is you ­ you’re an ideal candidate for this career opportunity. 


Please submit a one page resume with a letter of interest in PDF format. Your letter of interest may be upto 2 pages in total length. In your letter, please be sure to include a statement of purpose (100 words maximum) plus any references and web links you believe would be helpful. Feel free to elaborate on your experience and your story so we can get to know you better. What sort of tools and systems do you use to stay organized? How do you manage projects and timelines? Tell us about your personality. What are your superpowers? What is your kryptonite? How do you see yourself making an impact at Marmoset?

We’re aiming to begin interviewing candidates immediately­ now through January 10th and would like to hire someone by mid to late January. Please apply as soon as you can and carefully follow the application guidelines.

Please email your complete PDF to jonathan@marmosetmusic.com

Posted on December 5, 2013 and filed under Marmoset.