Original Music // Levi's "The Gift"

Picture 6.png

Curated in an incredible collaboration with our buds at Avocados & Coconuts and director Keenan Newman, our very own Brian Hall scored the percussive and whimsical soundtrack to the new and immersive and interactive film from Levi's.

In their new and innovative digital campaign, Levi's created a whole new outlook to the way we can participate in online film. Packed with backdrops of beautiful settings, we not only get to witness and interact with the two main characters, the unique soundtrack follows along with every movement as well; this leaves the question...

What goes into writing a score for a project like this?

When chatting with Brian, he mentioned that one of the main elements of scoring for a project like this is "You have to be exceptionally good at shutting up and listening, observing, and in a way being humble..." and concluded by stating that "You have to be able to actually experience the film as the director intends it to be experienced, and then turn that emotional experience into musical language. When a director and a composer align and are able to work together to maximize the impact of a film, the film is elevated to another level."

Be sure to watch this awesome project below (check out the :49 mark where the music makes a great dramatic shift) and take a look at behind the scenes shots at Avocados and Coconuts blog.