Mixtape Mondays // Angelic + Dreamy

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Looking for some new jams?  Well, we curated another mixtape today that you can download.  For this installment , we're inviting you to swim in the hazy and expansive waters of our Angelic + Dreamy mix.

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Each of these 10 songs highlight the lighter and dreamlike qualities of our catalog.  Ranging from the powerful and reflective, to the bright and exciting; these songs present a more textural approach to composition.  Within each song lies strong imagery and ambient tones that cover as a warm blanket of sound perfect for any reflective scene you may be working on.

Check out some examples below...

The beautiful song Reach by Kye Kye provides a calm and scenic landscape driven by organs and synthesizers.

In this instrumental version of Water Bells by Loch Lomond, shimmering acoustic guitars and delicately layered with angelic string harmonies.

Matthew Morgan's ethereal song Dawn of Time surges with piano and synthesizer coming together in a dense and peaceful landscape.

Bask and get lost in the soundscapes of this mix; and as always, let us know how you've used these songs in your projects, we'd love to see your work.