Original Music // Put some headphones on and lose yourself in #ThisPlace

Our good friends at Instrument. just released the first chapter of their new interactive online journal and we couldn't be more honored to provide the soundtrack to it.

Through this initial series of short and captivating vignettes, we get to explore the uniqueness of the Oregon Coast and how it serves as a special and "sacred" place in the world.  These films are created and witnessed through the lens of the people who interact with the coast as they present their stories through film therein.

Put on your headphones, because throughout the film, songs from Music You Can Swim To and custom compositions from our very own Brian Hall help navigate you through the dreamlike and immersive world presented in these moving images. 

Find out more about this great project HERE and stay tuned for upcoming chapters and developments.

Where is your special place in the world?

-Stirling Myles