Featured Artist // The Plain Ensemble


As we venture further into the final week of November, nothing breaks up the dark winter clouds better than the uplifting and playful beats of The Plain Ensemble; They bring the future as only 80's VHS tapes could have predicted.

With their retro influences in full view, this group echoes the days of disco with their infectious brand of dance-pop.  Much to the likes of Daft Punk and Justice, their slick productions will make you bounce along to every beat.

Songs like Action are charged with drum machines and synthesizers, presenting positive and upbeat vibes, perfect for a walk amongst the neon signs of the city.

Float along in space with their song Revolver, bringing a more sci-fi tone with this futuristic and mechanical composition looping images of Logan's Run, Blade Runner and Tron all into one.

Check out more songs from Plain Ensemble at their Marmoset Artist Profile and let us know how you've used them in your next project; we always love seeing the new and innovative work you're creating.

Stay warm out there. - Stirling Myles