Featured Artist // Galloping along with Gold Lake

Gold Lake.jpg

We're excited to present you the adventurous sounds from the Brooklyn-based ensemble Gold Lake with an invitation to explore through the shimmering and reflective landscapes of this week's engaging featured artist.

Each indie-pop number is a journey compact with dense and layered guitars completed with high energy rhythm section that gallops through their expansive compositions.  Hovering over everything are the captivating vocals of front woman Lua Rios, harmonious and powerful.

Much like their song "We Already Exist", their music speaks volumes in how dynamic and hopeful they are in nature.  With many different moods and textures along the way, this particular song mimics a long drive through a mountain range in how it climbs and falls leaving behind beautiful imagery when looking back to the scenery as a whole. 

We love this band and are looking forward to how their music can be a dance partner to your next film.  Let us know what you think, and in the meantime, check out their awesome video below. 

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