Finding the right Arc

Picture 8.png

As a filmmaker, it can be a daunting task to wade through a huge sea of music for your project, especially when it comes to finding the right soundtrack that fits the essence of your story.  Keeping this in mind, we created some tools to make your life easier.  Through our platform, you can explore and find the perfect song for your film.

Picture 17.png

One of the resources we've developed is the Arc search filter.  You can now find song structures that fit the arc of your story.  Through this search filter, You can isolate and find songs based on how they move from point A to point B.  From compositions that get louder as the song progresses to songs that frenetically move dynamically, you can lock in on the best song to fit the needs of your project.  Here's an example...

The German Tourist Office used our Arc feature on their video called Winter in Germany.  In this beautifully filmed vignette, they found and placed the song Intimated By Silence by Cars & Trains.

Thoughtfully crafted, with music dancing with the captivating scenery, this vignette showcases a great marriage between music and film.  The steady arc of this song fits perfectly with the consistent and moving imagery.

Enjoy the sights.