Featured Artist // Daniel Dixon


The instrumental works of Daniel Dixon speaks a language without words.  His music is emotional and carries a weight of speechless reflection in every note he plays. Walking on a tight rope between expansive and intimate, Dixon's songs remain rooted in calm, melodic harmony.

When talking about his compositions, Daniel explains "I collect memories from this grand and common place, and layer them into my songs."  These memories are at once vivid and relatable in songs like February (below).

To listen to Daniel Dixon's music is to look through old photographs, peering into tiny moments in time; all creating a shared and personal experience.   Joyous and reflective.

Check out Daniel Dixon's Marmoset Artist Profile HERE

Dixon's "Spring" provided a gorgeous soundtrack to "Vietnamese Pancakes - A Love Story" by independent filmmaker Abdullah Jassin. This is a great vignette about multiculturalism, love and food.  Enjoy.