New Music // Quiet Life gives their vision of America in 'Wild Pack'


Quiet Life is set to release their new album 'Wild Pack' on October 29th.  Considering this is only their 2nd album in the 10 years as a band, it says something to the fact that they only do things when they're good and ready.  The result proves that they are definitely ready, bringing an album to light of fantastic songs from the open road.

Driven by brothers Ryan and Sean Spellman, this ensemble plays some of the best Americana and rootsy rock 'n' roll around.  Armed with ballads to revel in, cry in your beer to and sing along with, these boys present songs like polaroid snapshots of an eternal summer.

Songs like their brand new single   Devil's Kin embodies the rebellious spirit in the vast landscape of their unique romantic vision of America, vintage and modern all at the same time.

Check out Quiet Life's Marmoset Artist Profile HERE and dig this live session they had at the Bing Lounge at KINK.FM last year in the video below.

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Motopony is built on a bedrock of contrasts and the gorgeous alchemy of seemingly conflicted sounds, and the feelings mapped over them. Guided by soulful machines, songwriters Daniel Blue and Buddy Ross along with guitarist Brantley Cady and drummer Forrest Mauvais, there is a warm efficiency to the hard-soul/glitch-folk contained within the world of this quintet.

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New Jersey native, Seattle staple, and most recently, Los Angeles rambler, Kevin Large has been making music under the WIDOWER moniker for nearly a decade. Large’s lyrically driven songwriting is reminiscent of Petty’s more mellow moments. There’s a cinematic sentiment to these songs, like a car scene from a Cameron Crowe film, full-up with our hopeless romantic hero’s fresh heartbreak. Perhaps, it’s raining.

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Northeast Northwest


The undeniable chemistry between Northeast Northwest creators Phoebe Spier and Zach Dunham thrums nostalgia and yearning into their natural, unassuming songwriting. With a heartfelt, folky sound, NENW is the embodiment of Americana Soul, thoughtfully using lush arrangements, powerful male/female vocals and tight harmonies to carry listeners through intimate moments of desire, regret, hope and release.

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