Featured Artist // Wesley Jensen


The music of Wesley Jensen is a constant questioning.

Lyrically, Mr. Jensen ventures into the moody worlds of personal grief, doubts, relationships, all tinged with a refreshingly childlike and optimistic worldview.  Through songs that echo memoirs, Jensen brings orchestral folk-pop ballads that surge with simple and picturesque imagery. From sunset drives along a southern California highway, to sitting by a warm fire on a hilltop with an overview of a cityscape; these heavily orchestrated songs brings a sense of whimsical reflection.

Each song is packed with strong guitar-driven pop hooks and melodies alongside literary lyrics, moving in a cinematic fashion while marrying the classical and folk-pop worlds.  With songs like Building Houses, Wesley Jensen creates a strong mood right out of the gates and leaves you breathless until the very end.

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Be sure to also watch Jensen's captivating music video with a dreamlike story conveyed with Civil War outfits.