Wanted: Badass Jr. Producer + Engineer

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We’re looking to bring in an awesome detail oriented audio engineer type to support our music producers and music supervisors. This opportunity includes the following primary responsibilities:

  1. Edit, revise and massage music to fit picture.
  2. Mix music against sound design and voice overs
  3. Meticulously organize and manage a rapid flow of music files with a high degree of metadata. 
  4. Organize and manage a music catalog of more than 15,000 tracks, plus individual session files for many of them. 
  5. Organize, communicate and facilitate a rapid flow of forms, paperwork and contracts for a wide range projects

Basics: Super detail oriented. Passion for making and absorbing music, both on the technical and emotional level. Deep knowledge of music engineering and production.

Personality: Plays well with others. Good communicator. Super detail oriented. Creative. Calm and focused under pressure. Thick skinned and open to critique. Resourceful. Fast learner. Potential to lead.

Skills: Mastery of Pro Tools and Logic. Mastery of music engineering. Ability to intuitively edit, revise, and alter compositions to against picture. Intuitive ability to make creative decisions and understand the nuances of music and picture.

Industry: Cursory understanding of  advertising, ability to interpret and execute music related creative direction from musician and non-musician types.

Experience: Extensive experience in audio post production and/or mixing records. Ability to play one or more instruments.

In summary, teachability, human relationships, creative IQ, audio engineering skills, hard work, and the highest degree of attention to detail will define your success.

Click HERE for more details about us and the position.

Application Process

For consideration, you must carefully follow these directions. Please submit a one page resume with a letter of interest in PDF format. Your letter of interest may be up to 2 pages in total length. In your letter, please be sure to include a statement of purpose (100 words maximum) plus any references and web links you believe would be helpful. Feel free to elaborate on your experience and your story so we can get to know you better. We encourage you to explain any ideas on music, audio engineering, producing, creative wizardry, or anything else you believe would support your case. What are you creative tendencies? How do you manage audio projects? Just how detail oriented are you? How do you lead people? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Please give us something to watch and/or listen to.

We’re aiming to begin interviewing candidates by mid October and would like to hire someone by early to mid November. Please apply by October 30th. Do not call or stop by in person without an appointment.

Email your complete PDF application to opportunities@marmosetmusic.com