New Music // Trailer for Kye Kye's Upcoming Album

To get acquainted with Kye Kye is to fall into a haze.  Our dear friends create a perfect sound scape to a drifting landscape, open and expansive. Based out of the humble town of Camas, WA, this ensemble reinvents the image of what a family band looks like. With haunting and clear vocals backed by lush electronic textures and live drums, their compositions hold the baton along side the likes of Sigur Ros and M83.

Following up on their debut album 'Young Love' Kye Kye's vision continues to create a connection and further explores their "labor of love" with their sophomore release 'Fantasize' this September.

Check out this moving trailer, beautiful and scenic as their music.

Posted on June 21, 2013 and filed under Music.