So Fresh: Nick Jaina's New Music Video (High Beams)

Our dear friend Nick Jaina has just released his new album Primary Perception and it's no surprise that he has once again blown us away with his new batch of songs. Whether in times of solace or in chaos, there is always a romantic lens to each of his pieces.  Here is a good example with this new music video.

Nick Jaina is a storyteller, first and foremost.  While his musicianship and arrangement is very strong, it only serves as foundations supporting his vast world of novel-esque imagery.  Reminiscent of other troubadours such as Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, his songs evoke old sunburnt photos pulled out of a clunky old chest.

Nick's lyrics are simple, present and bring vivid clarity to a moment in time.  Even though he might have not have experienced everything that he sings about, you still believe he has and in the story.

Posted on June 10, 2013 and filed under Music.