Marmoset News // Alameda Are Touring In Alaska

Alameda Bear

What's in Alaska, you ask?  There are giant bears, stern eagles, monolithic glaciers, Sarah Palin, epic forests and our own social media intern Stirling Myles touring with his band Alameda.  They are currently on the road and will be out there for three weeks total playing in what is called 'The Last Frontier". From house shows and yurts, to festivals and bars (and whatever else can be made into a venue), they've been touring through and playing orchestral-folk numbers to the locals who live in what feels like another country.  Aided from the likes of The Monolith Agency, they're making the most of the only two highway systems and the sun that never sets.

OPB reporter Alex Lewis has been documenting the entire tour and strange experience with photos, blog entries and videos that you can check out HERE and in the video below.

Posted on June 28, 2013 and filed under Music.