Introducing: Grand Hallway

Front man Tomo Nakayama of Seattle-based Grand Hallway found inspiration for the name in a David Berman poem "If There Was A Book About This Hallway".  Berman's poem evokes the imagery of finding a home amidst transience, and that's how this band has navigated through the music world; finding a place in constant movement. Started as a 3-piece, Grand Hallway quickly evolved up to an 8-piece in the recent years.

Drawing a lot of inspiration from his birthplace in Japan, Nakayama bring a unique approach with their compositions, blending intimate folk musings with a background of dense textures from a wide array of instrumentation.

While the roster changes every once in a while, the music changes with it, only in the sense that it is constantly evolving - Finding that comfortable place in migration.

We are elated to bring Grand Hallway on our roster, and evolve with them.

Posted on May 24, 2013 and filed under Music.