So Fresh: Yellowbirds


Sam Cohen has done it again; coming out from the ashes of his former band Apollo Sunshine, he brings you the country-tinged psych-pop Yellowbirds. Living in New York City, and now fully writing songs on his own, Cohen takes the listener to the age of the 60's - crooning, beach blanket bingo and jangly guitars, but with his very own hypnotic spin.  Along with the the ocean of guitar textures and washed out vocals, there is a balance of accessibility with each song that you're entranced by with each listen.

They have inspired us here at Marmoset to break out our summer shorts and walk out in the sun.  Now where is that sun?

[Check out this Terry Gilliam-esque video from his upcoming album Songs from the Vanished Frontier - the images are based off of Sam Cohen's own collages].