So Fresh: Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger

After 20 years of making music, Michael Taylor has finally found the sound he's been looking for from his solo moniker Hiss Golden Messenger. Only until years after touring non-stop in the alt-country outfit The Court & Spark, he has received the most acclaim (including glowing reviews from Pitchforkand from around the world) for his solo project that was originally intended to be a personal hobby in North Carolina. Although, never straying far from the roots of bluegrass, country and folk, there is a subtle shift that keeps happening in each song that gives it's own character and unique voice. Taylor's vocals are genial, yet deal with a mysteriousness and constant questioning.  Every piece has textures that span from distorted violin to washy guitar solos, harmoniously living together with hymnal choirs; and it sure doesn't hurt to have members of Megafaun as your backing band.

Now just releasing his 4th record HAW, Taylor's music continues to grow and wins the ears of a larger audiences, including ours here at Marmoset.