Storytelling: The Stillmotion Way

Vimeo Video School

Vimeo Video School

What makes a good story? A memorable story? A story you just can't wait to share with others?

Stories exist all around, but there are several key elements that make us want to know more, remember them, and go through the efforts to share them.

Our good friends at With Etiquette and Stillmotion teamed up with Vimeoto build a 4 part series of videos discussing the principles of creating an engaging and memorable story in film.

In episode 1, our buds explain four important elements in giving your story finite grounding – People, Places, Plot and Purpose. Click here to watch episode 1.

In episode 2, research takes over. How can we get to know our people, places, plot and purpose? How can we succinctly, with just a few keywords, get at the heart of our story? Click here to watch episode 2.

In the next couple of days, episode 3 and 4 (which features our friends at Coava Coffee) will be premiering so stay tuned!