Introducing: Dropa

With the ever-increasing role of laptops involved with music, there can be a hard time translating the very precise and planned digital world to the organic landscape of a live performance. Where other bands of a similar ilk fall flat leaving the audience feeling like they watched a 45-minute karaoke set, Dropa handles this task with ease. The duo creates haunting synth-laden landscapes, complete with heavy drums and beats leading the way. There is an art translating recorded music to the stage, songwriter Micah Tamblyn talked about this in a 2010 interview "I think when you’re performing, the song definitely does grow with you, but there’s also an art behind something that’s created in the moment. Live is interesting because it’s a living, breathing thing–you have to worry about the reaction of the audience." With this in mind, the music must speak for itself in both situations, and that's the easy part for this band.

We're so pleased to add Dropa to the roster, and while we can't offer their live set, we can show you this video from their album Glass House.

Download + Crazy Makes Us by Dropa +