When I told a friend last week that I would be attending the Cody ChesnuTT concert, he assumed I was talking about some modern country music star, and I saw his facial expression twist into one of confusion and horror, as though he was losing respect for me as a person right there before my eyes. "He's an R&B artist," I quickly explained— "like lo-fi R&B, kind of raunchy and really soulful. He performs in a hard hat, because he's that awesome."

And he really is. Cody ChesnuTT entered the game 10 years ago with his debut album The Headphone Masterpiece, which didn't do much for him at the time besides score him this awesome video. On the album is the original recording of "The Seed," the song that was later made popular by The Roots and appropriately renamed "The Seed 2.0" with Cody singing on the track. This jam among many others on The Headphone Masterpiece have gained a cultish underground appreciation over the last 10 years.

So now Cody's back with his new album, Landing On A Hundred, and it's funky as hell. Peep the video above to see a live performance of "Under The Spell Of The Handout" off the new album.

BONUS: Our friends Radiation City will be opening for ChesnuTT, so don't miss this killer lineup. The show is this Friday, February 1st at the Star Theater in Portland.