IdeaMensch Portland is happening this Monday Night at Instrument - Featuring Marmoset Founder and Foosball Jedi Ryan Wines #IM48


A reminder about an incredible event happening Monday night at digital agency Instrument here in Portland. IdeaMensch Portland AKA #IM48 is a global forum where creatives, entrepreneurs and people with big ideas get together to share, encourage, and empower eachother through community. There will be all kinds of inspiring and successful people there, sharing their stories and offering practical tools and concepts to take home. In fact, our very own founder (and Foosball Jedi), Ryan Wines, will tell the story of how an idea in a coffee shop became what it is today - a successful music agency that supports a growing community of independent artists. And he's even planning to share the secrets of why Marmoset has had so much success in such short time. Now...if the temptation of heckling him while he's speaking isn't enough, Ryan has announced that he's buying first round of drinks at Rontoms later on in the evening, for everyone who comes out to support Marmoset. Make sure to check our previous post HERE for more details. And remember: Enter in "marmoset" into the promo code to get $5 off of your ticket. Hope to see you there!

-Brandon #IM48