No Pants Day This Friday + Electro-Pop Mixtape


With the utmost anticipation and excitement, we're proud to announce one of Marmoset's favorite holidays: No Pants Day. That's right, this Friday, May 4th you can leave your Dickies at home and enjoy a nice, brisk day the way nature intended. In celebration of the special holiday, we're dropping a mixtape of 50 Electro Pop tracks from the likes of Purse CandyBoy Eats Drum Machine, Sex Life, Kye Kye, Kelli Schaefer, Logan Lynn, GreenhorseNinja Turtle Ninja Tiger, Drexler, and so many more. What's that breeze you may say? It's the holiday season. Ha. Enjoy it while you can.

Be sure to check out and download our Electro-Pop Goodness Mixtape HERE.