Kris Orlowski + Marmoset = Facebook for Cat Lovers

First it was my mom on facebook, now my CAT is trying to friend me? My cat's got a blog, a livejournal and a twitter feed too? #CatNipAddiction This whole social network thing is for the dogs...errrr....cats in my opinion. (insert rimshot) This Purina spot features a selection of pure pop/folk by Seattle's Kris Orlowski with the track, "Soldier On."  If you live in or around NYC and possibly a couple other big markets, you might see this spot on broadcast television. Big props to our favorite ladies at AFG& who we are proud to work with on all projects relating to our social lives intersecting with our pets.

"Soldier On" is featured on Kris Orlowski's most wonderful November 2011 release, the Warsaw EP and is such a beautiful song... to bad it doesn't really get to go very far in this ad. But for your viewing and listening pleasure, we've included a live version in the video below. Kris Orlowski's complete catalog is available for placement opportunities with Marmoset. We really dig Kris.

And for some reason I'm suddenly compelled to give my cat some well deserved attention.

- Eric