The LeBron 9


Whether or not you are a fan of the Akron Hammer, you have to admit the guy wears some fly kicks. Nike's latest basketball shoe - The Lebron 9 - is specifically designed with the science of LeBron's game in mind. As a Blazers fan, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'd prefer if the shoes were specifically designed to aid Jamal Crawford's sick crossovers... or maybe Nike could've programmed a secret Rose Garden virus into the shoe that makes the laces always come untied whenever LeBron steps foot in Portland. In any event, I'll be the first to admit that both the shoes and the music in this little vignette are pretty dope. I suppose I am a little bit biased, since we scored it, but at least it's not as conniving as my Blazers bias.

So check out this video and listen closely to the designers nerd out over footwear about as much as we nerd out over music. This shoe science biz is insane. Shout out to our buds at the most incredible Juliet Zulu for thoughtfully crafting all things visual and also to Marmoset composer Danny Jones for laying down the beats.