Marmoset's MusicFest NW Party: Pancake Breakfast!

At 2pm TODAY, Marmoset's Free MusicFest NW Party kicks off at Rontoms - on this final day of Portland's MusicFest NW music festival. The party is jam-packed with ridiculous live music, featuring FOURTEEN bands rotating between two sweet outdoor stages... meaning ten hours of continuous, non-stop music. Oh man. And best of all - our party is 100% free - no wristband or ticket required. And while you certainly don't want to miss any of the action today, make sure you arrive early so you don't miss Pancake Breakfast on the main stage at 5:30pm. To me, Pancake Breakfast is what I imagine when I dream of a super secret, moonshine-fueled hootenanny barn dance, out in the middle of nowhere Kentucky, sometime during the middle of the prohibition era.They're a total kick in the pants and have nailed an original brand of baroque, truck-stop opera. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced. Check out this video for a preview of the magic of Pancake Breakfast Land.

The Willamette Week recently had this to say about Pancake Breakfast:

Songs roll, rollick and, in some cases, even hark back to (singer-songwriter) Mike Midlo’s loud, noisy past: “Peterbilt” and “Pea Green Boat” have riffs crunchy enough to border on stoner metal. That growth is also reflected in the band’s live show. It was always joyous, energetic and playful, but now it’s loud, too.

And, yes, some songs—like the call-and-response singalong “Who Is Wearing Pants?”—are built simply for laughs. Just because the project is getting more serious doesn’t mean Midlo is going to take himself more seriously.

See ya at 2pm!

- Ryan