Marmoset MusicFest NW Party: Quiet Life!

The challenge of throwing a party from 2pm to midnight is no one really knows when to show up and few are able to hang out for the entire ten hours of music and fun. We feel your pain. So in an attempt to help you make some tough choices in planning your day for our little party on Sunday, let us suggest you make sure not to miss Quiet Life's set at 5pm. These guys are realer than Real Deal Holyfield and are one our top 5 Portland-based acts these days. This fall they'll be taking off on a national tour with Dr. Dog and word on the street is they've got a new record almost wrapped up.

So yeah... Quiet Life plays at 5pm and you don't want to miss 'em. But then again, you really don't want to miss any of the acts. So why don't you just come early, stake out your spot, and just chill all day and all night with us. Why not? More info on Marmoset's MusicFest Party and RSVP here: