Brandon's Playlist: A listen to Marmoset's #1 Intern's iPod

Every now and then we like to ask our reliable intern Brandon what he's got on his iPod. You see - Brandon is ALMOST 21 years old and is literally a sponge when it comes to music. So every now and then, we like to explore what it was like to be so young and so eager to drink from the musical fire hose of the world, with few biases or preferences. Brandon's top track this week comes from San Francisco's Vetiver. With a new LP on the way, Vetiver has leaked two new songs, one being "Wonder Why." With a sound that is just in time for the upcoming summer, it's no wonder Brandon is so into these guys.

Other tracks from his playlist include:

Sharon Van Etten: One Day

Gospel Music: Automobile

Cotton Jones: Tall Hours in the Glowstream

Trampled By Turtles: Victory


-Brandon Day, Marmoset Intern Deluxxe


Posted on July 7, 2011 and filed under Music.