Don't Move Here: Episode #8

WK don't move here

This week's installment of "Don't Move Here" highlights one of Portland's biggest festivals, the ever-expanding Music Fest Northwest. W+K sits down with MFNW creater, Trevor Soloman to figure out his attraction to the Rose City and how he got started with booking such a massive festival. Check out Episode #8 here!

If you are unfamiliar with MFNW, you can expect: five days of music, seeing shows in Portland's favorite venues, mainstage shows outside at Pioneer Square, and many other things. This year, the festival is September 7-11 and will feature bands such as Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, Butthole Surfers, Blitzen Trapper, Kelli Schaefer, The Dimes and many many others.

Check our MFNW's website here!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?


Posted on June 29, 2011 and filed under Music.