Intern Brandon Takes-on Sasquatch


For Memorial Day Weekend, the little town of George, Washington had their highways and county roads flooded with party people and music lovers. This year's Sasquatch Festival celebrated their 10 year anniversary by extending the normally 3 day festival, to 4 days. Thinking we'd get a premium camping spot by going a day early, we rolled into George at one in the morning on Thursday night. With a mess of flashlights and tent parts, we set up camp - realized we put the tent together wrong - and proceeded to re-do it. When sunrise finally lit up our tent, and the heavy partiers next door went to sleep, we got some much needed shut-eye.

The next four days would turn out to be exhausting, yet entirely worth it. There were four things that prompted me to bend my college student's budget in order to buy my ticket: escaping the city, Modest Mouse, Cotton Jones, and Sharon van Etten. It goes without saying all four lived up to my expectations. They were, in fact, the highlights of my trip. I've waited too long to see Cotton Jones and Sharon Van Etten play, and they killed it. While this was the 5th time seeing Modest Mouse, their new songs were a step in the right direction (maybe it was good they got rid of Johnny Marr.)

The weekend also had it's share of antics. We got to see Kim (from Matt and Kim) "booty-dance" on the hands of the crowd, Coner Oberst rant about something-or-another, and Wilco play during the most incredible thunder storm (which luckily was striking across the Gorge).

With a neck remarkably burnt and a bunch of "must sees" crossed off my list, I left western Washington satisfied. If you like to camp in peace though, this isn't the place to be. It seemed that the echos of dub-step and beer pong were even more popular this year than they were in years past. Regardless, the Gorge is a perfect venue for a festival and a great place to be in the sun with friends.