Don't Move Here: Episode #3

WK don't move here

In the third installment of this season's "Don't Move Here," Wieden+Kennedy dive a little deeper into the odds and ends of Portland's music culture. For this episode, local long-haired country rocker, Lewi Longmire, is featured talking about his influences inside Portland's neighborhood venue, The LaurelThirst Public House. The LaurelThirst is a stumptown staple and a local watering hole for the likes of Laura Viers, The Decemberists, REM's Scott McCaughey, James Mercer and many others. Also featured in this episode of "Don't Move Here" is the children's monthly rock variety show, "You Who." Founders Seann McKeel and Chris Funk of The Decemberists give an inside look into how the variety show is run, with a special performance by The Builders and the Butchers.

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