Home Court Advantage: The Dandy Warhols


Part of our regular nod to the ridiculously fascinating music community in Portland, Oregon - here is our latest installment of Home Court Advantage. In 1994, The Dandy Warhols got their start in Portland, OR. Since the early years, they have released 9 new albums, 1 greatest hits record, co-starred in the infamous documentary "Dig!", and caused a bit of a scene. With such a track record, the Dandys are an essential brick in Portland's indie music wall.

While the Dandys have stayed busy releasing records (and some controversy), many side projects have seamlessly come out of the Warhol woodwork. Zia McCabe keeps busy DJ-ing around Portland as DJ Rescue and also playing in her alt country band, Brush Prairie. Brent "Fathead" DeBour has recently experimented in his band Immigrant Union, and just released his debut solo album titled "The Farmer" in 2010. Guitarist Peter Holmström was a founding member of The Rebel Drones and his own band, Pete International Airport, who also released a debut record in 2010. And last, but not least, Courtney Taylor-Taylor has been in The Beauty Stab, contributed to the book "Sex Tips from Rock Stars," and always has the full time job of being Courtney Taylor-Taylor. Enough said.

Among the Portland connections, The Dandys Warhols also have some Marmoset ties. Our very own co-founder Ryan Wines worked with the Dandys in 2010 as their label manager and digital strategy consultant. Ryan says their annual Christmas party was his favorite experience. Where else would you get a hit of acid in a holiday gift exchange?!

Fun fact: combining Stumptown's love of bikes and local rock stars, the Dandys organized a ride at last summer's Pedalpalooza. On June 21st, Zia McCabe helped lead a flock of bike lovers around the streets of Portland, ending things with a crazy evening of Karaoke. An event like this is more Portland then a fresh cup of Stumptown and a Whiffies fried pie.

Tonight, The Dandy Warhols will be playing a one-of-a-kind show at the University Chapel with supporting acts Typhoon and Y La Bamba. As if that doesn't sound like a sweet enough deal, the event is all ages and free. Who's in?

Posted on March 10, 2011 and filed under Music.