Portland, Oregon has been a hotbed for indie music and artists for quite some time. With the do-it-yourself attitude food carts and bird-art bring, many residents clutch to the notion of "keeping Portland weird". As you may have heard, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney fame and Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen have come out with a show called "Portlandia," which pokes fun at the Portland eccentric. There is the militant bike messenger who demands "bicycle rights", the feminist bookstore owners, the over-conscious consumer, and even the over-wired twenty-something, as well as many other familiar Portland stereotypes. Luckily though, Portlandia is all in good fun. Carrie Brownstein calls Portland home in a loving way. For those living in Stumptown, it is often fun to see familiar faces and places on television. The entire show has been shot in PDX, and many scenes actually say where they take place. Brownstein and Armisen transform themselves into over-exaggerated characters that play out so beautifully, it's hard not to relate them to someone you know. Expect to see local celebrities appear such as Mayor Sam Adams, The Decemberist's Colin Meloy, and the Shin's James Mercer play along too.

You can check out Portlandia on IFC friday nights at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

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