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Words cannot describe how happy we are to have just added Dolorean to our roster! All of us at Marmoset Music are longtime fans of the band and can probably recite the lyrics to their entire catalog of songs - no joke. For nearly a decade Al James’ Dolorean has been writing and recording music in Portland, Oregon. In support of their three albums, (Not Exotic,Violence In The Snowy Fields, You Can’t Win) Dolorean has toured throughout Europe, Scandinavia, The United Kingdom and The United States.

They recently took a break from their hectic tour schedule and spent some time writing and recording in their hometown. The fruits of this downtime in Portland was one finished album (The Unfazed), four new babies (Miles, Noella, Juliet, and Nils), one EP (Anticipation Blues), two new record label partnerships (Partisan Records in Brooklyn and Fargo Records in Paris) and a new lead guitar player (Jon Neufeld).

The final version of The Unfazed proves that, once again, patience pays off. Ten tracks – A mesmerizing haze of lightly psychedelic pop music. The album is now available for pre-order on Dolorean's website.

We love their songs because they are crafted beautifully, with thought-provoking melodies that have amassed praise by album collectors, music critics, housewives, bloggers, filmmakers, writers and musicians around the globe. Yes, the band is a hit with housewives. So what?! Give it a listen.

The Search by Dolorean

22 Again by Dolorean

Here is Al James with Jon Neufeld at the Doug Fir in Portland, Dec. '08:

Post by Veronica Medici // Team Marmoset

Posted on November 17, 2010 and filed under Music.