Featured: The Ascetic Junkies


Traditional bluegrass with a unique pop twist. Just one of the reasons we are so keen on The Ascetic Junkies. At the core of their raw and mesmerizing sound are the sparkling vocal harmonies of Matt Harmon and Kali Giaritta. These harmonies, layered with whimsical melodies and superb acoustic instrumentation, create a distinctive vibe and energy, unique only to the Junkies themselves. Fresh off their wild and raucous 2008 release, One Shoe Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Portland, Oregon’s The Ascetic Junkies are back with a new LP, This Cage Has No Bottom. What makes the new album so compelling, is the raw feel and obvious growth of songwriting skills, evident by the tracks we've provided below.

The Ascetic Junkies take you on a wild gypsy ride worthy of anyone brave enough to follow. Come along, you wont regret it.

Get What You Want, Get What You Need by The Ascetic Junkies

God/Devil/Gov’t by The Ascetic Junkies

Here's The Ascetic Junkies' new video for "Why Do Crows?":

Why Do Crows? from Ascetic Junkies on Vimeo.

Post by Veronica Medici // Team Marmoset

Posted on October 20, 2010 and filed under Music.