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What are we up to?

This quarter, our A&R team began the prestigious undertaking of revisiting and listening to every song featured on our roster- thats roughly 38,000 songs! What are we hoping to accomplish with this grand task? In reviewing every song, we’re analyzing the accuracy of every “tag” (i.e. keywords), ensuring each song appears in search results when a client types in those relevant keywords.

While this endeavor requires a serious level of intricacy and attention to detail, no song will be left behind when the retag project is complete!

Curious about the tag elements we are specifically reviewing? We’ve listed them below!

  • Energy

  • Arc

  • Mood

  • Instrumentation

  • Genre

We’ll review these tags carefully, ensuring they’re updated and of the utmost accuracy. And while we know many of these tags operated well in the past, we know we can always do better. So we will.