Sometimes by Goldmund


Sometimes by Goldmund

Let us transport you to an oasis of calm with the post-classical, minimalist piano of Goldmund’s latest release, Sometimes. A graduate of the highly regarded Berklee College of Music, Goldmund is a master of his trade, having studied percussion and composition before learning piano. Since then, Goldmund has taken his training in the classics and converted it into pure, unconventional bliss. Channeling the atmospheric style of late '70s/early '80s Harold Budd and Brian Eno, his compositions result in fragile, evocative melodies. By altering the internal mechanisms of the piano -- attaching tape, tacks, weights and sandpaper to the strings -- Goldmund creates unusual and organic tones that blend together into a beautifully haunting collection of ambient laden  soundtracks. Whether you are seeking to find inner peace or simply need music to zone out or work to, Sometimes by Goldmund is your answer.

"With Sometimes, Goldmund's mastery lies in the simplicity of the compositions -- effortlessly creating hushed, contemplative space."

Known for sparse, emotionally complex tracks, Goldmund has a breadth of highly praised work under his belt, crafting compositions for Cannes films and award-winning ads alike. Starting in 2003, Goldmund has since built a tranquil encyclopedia of songs, which Stereogum describes as: “Simple, sentimental piano figures backed by atmospheric swells that come and go like the tides." His works have gleaned an impressive collection of awards, including the coveted Cannes Lion.

With Sometimes, Goldmund’s mastery lies in the simplicity of the compositions -- effortlessly creating hushed, contemplative spaces. Tracks like “Sometimes” and “As Old Roads” set the scene for an intimate glance into one’s self, and guide the listener into another realm, without the distractions and rush of everyday life. The track “A Word I Give” features award-winning composer, producer, actor and all around legend Ryuichi Sakamoto, offering a serene combination of wistful melodies and trailing notes while also providing the listener with a perfect soundscape for reflection and exploration.

Goldmund’s Sometimes is a masterpiece of both sound and space that invites the listener to enlighten their mind and let the stress depart. So, fire up your turntable, turn off your cellphone and dive in


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If you only listen to one song, make it this one...

"As Old Roads" by Goldmund

Complete with a mystical melody, this track brings the listener back through a forest of old memories, clouded with emotion. A fluid piano line joins with distant dashes of strings and ambient synth, encouraging the mind to wander through valleys and streams it has long forgotten. No matter where this track goes, it’s sure to leave you with an uplifting, hopeful outro, perfect for processing the past and moving forward.