Vol. 1 by Magic Sword


Vol. 1 by Magic Sword

Finally, the tale of the Magic Sword has come to Earth and is now available for us mere mortals. The mysterious duo—one named “The Keeper” and the other “The Seeker”—are bearers of an immersive story, and the best way to tell it is through their epic fantasy electro-pop. Both members are hidden behind masks, cloaks and hoods—always keeping their identity is shrouded in mystery. Creating a captivating presence wherever they go to play, it’s clear that this isn’t just music -- this is a movement.

Brandishing an electric guitar, heavy synths and an actual sword on stage, their music spans beyond what you hear -- during their live show, a vivid spectrum of visuals accompanies each electronic 

masterpiece, creating a multimedia experience. Their debut offering, Vol. 1, is the first chapter in an epic story of triumph, intergalactic wars, magic and general badassery. Bringing together a timeless retro sensibility with a modern sheen, their hard-hitting electronic compositions make all of us believers who can rally around their quest to victory against the forces of evil.

Fast becoming a force around the world, the enigmatic members of Magic Sword prove that music is only half of the craft in curating a compelling experience. They’ve created a captivating story, leaving everyone who listens enraptured by their larger narrative. What you hold in your hands is a special artifact -- a unique offering. When you listen to Magic Sword, it’s not a passive act, but a riveting journey to experience. Live the sword.


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If you only listen to one song, make it this one.

"In the Face of Evil" by Magic Sword

Shining like a bright beacon of hope in the dark, this electro-pop power ballad radiates with optimism. “In the Face of Evil” surges with dynamic synthesizers and drum machines that will make you pump your fists in the air. This track marches into the mysterious unknown with confidence and ascends with high energy. Get ready for lift off.