The Domestics by The Domestics

What separates The Domestics from the escapism of so many other indie pop acts is the fearlessness with which Michael Finn and Leo London confront their own pain. London’s birth parents both battled with drug addiction in his early childhood before he was adopted by his grandparents at the age of two. Finn’s trials came later on, struggling with health issues, depression and dependency in his early adult years. Writing in the aftermath of infidelity, mental illness, substance abuse and child abuse, Finn and London write songs as moving as they are catchy, and as honest as they are loud.

Long before they decided to join forces as The Domestics, Finn and London each spent years honing their craft as individual songwriters. After moving to Portland in the summer of 2013, London found himself tracking piano for Finn

 at Flora Recording and Playback -- the studio of Grammy-nominated producer Tucker Martine, where Finn works as an Assistant Engineer. 

While working at Flora, he’s helped make records for artists like My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, Neko Case, Spoon and Sufjan Stevens. That initial session work between the two sparked a relationship that would lead to collaboration on each of their respective solo projects, and later to the recording of the debut album for The Domestics, which was all tracked over a mere 15 days. A few months later, they assembled a live band, and the rest is history (in the making).

The Domestics have triumphantly emerged as one of Portland’s most promising new acts. Their energetic live shows have garnered them a dedicated fan base and a sudden maelstrom of critical attention. And the momentum doesn’t show any signs of slowing down -- they were recently named to SPIN’s short list of top 5 bands to watch in August 2015.



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If you only listen to one song, make it this one.

"It Came To Me" by The Domestics

Every once in awhile, epiphanies can hit like a splash of ice water to the face, all at once sobering and inspiring. “It Came To Me” by the Domestics is an indie pop anthem that feels like it’s been in our lives long before it was written. Starting off with an infectious groove, the aura of optimism is strong deep within. As confident electric guitar and piano chords work together, honest and straight-forward lyrics demand your attention with every word -- all the way to the epiphany-laden punch line. Songs like this remind us that no matter how hard life’s lessons can be, we learn, adapt and grow with every experience.