Meridian by The Soil & The Sun

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this seven-piece band crafts music that actually transcends physical location, honing a unique approach to cinematic-meets-atmospheric folk-rock. Complex harmonies held together by a family of interlocking instruments including oboe, violin, guitars, percussion and piano -- each song creates an immersive tapestry of sound, brimming with emotive sonic textures.

Led by singer and songwriter Alex McGrath, The Soil & the Sun essentially takes a symphony approach to writing and arranging songs, while always exploring a wide spectrum of moods and tones amidst their delightfully dense arrangements.

Meridian is an important album. Not only is it the band’s debut full-length, but there's a wealth of context, experiences and nuances to unpack along with it. In a nutshell, it’s about everything. Each song bottles a question about life, death, spirituality, technology, the end of the world, and everything in between. Explored through a foundation of grandiose string arrangements, each composition is paired with unpredictable song structures, complemented by a wide variety of different vocal arrangements and harmonies. The percussive elements hit especially strong, pushing straight to one’s soul, connecting to a deeper, more tangible listening journey. It’s an album for reflection -- reflection that’s constantly tugging on a loose string. A string that somehow weaves and holds together all of the fabric of the greater story, and leads the listener through experiences, seams, and textures, eventually leading to an encounter of inspiration and meaning on the other side.


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If you listen to one song, make it this one.

"How Long" by The Soil & The Sun

Sometimes the most difficult questions are the most simple ones. The kind that can produce complex answers, branching out to more questions, only to lead to more questions. The beautifully arranged, anthemic pop ballad titled "How Long" by The Soil & the Sun embodies this very sentiment and runs the gauntlet, celebrating questioning, exploration, curiosity, tension and resolution. With a steady-strong backbone of drums and percussions, this gospel-infused song rises and falls like waves on the beach. And flowing like a surging tide, “How Long” floats along with quiet, melodious electric guitars and vulnerable lyrics, only to rise up with a triumphant chorus, ringing with angelic group vocals that coincide with a deep, low synthesizer. In one song, The Soil & the Sun will take you to church, heal what ails you, and then send you along on your way, onward and upward.