Imagine nestling into a cozy chair, perhaps with a drink in hand, and technology placed out of arm’s reach. Before the record player needle meets its intended destination, there’s just you, this moment and a beat of silence. You take a deep breath in, then out, reminding yourself this space is designated for recentering, focusing attention on the varying instrumental sounds and lyrics strung together to tell a story. With the ingredients that now lay in front of you, this becomes a space for exploration and discovery.

At Marmoset, we ourselves are purveyors of The Listening Hour, advocating for this state of meditative creativity once a week. For some, it may be about finding talking points to discuss with fellow listeners — for others, a moment to unplug or reflect internally. Or perhaps, dear listener, this hour means something entirely unique to you. We invite you to craft your own fitting sensory experience, gathering and taking away as much as you need. Any which way, thank you for joining us in The Listening Hour.

Poppy & Someday

Marfa Moon Mist

A powerful infusion awaits to be released in this little bottle of magic mist. An intoxicating merging of Frankincense and Petitgrain work together for essential oil goodness, uplifting and restoring a room’s aromatic balance with its every use.

Like the cleansing properties of these oils, Frankie Simone’s message empowers listeners to ward off afflictions, reminding us of the healing powers of our own words and actions.

Pistils Nursery

Kokedama Kit

The Japanese word, Kokedama translates to “moss ball,” a technique used to grow plants without the confinements of a planter.

This Japanese style of gardening involves the roots being enveloped in moss and soil, wire hugging the plant to hold its shape. Seeing the exposed earth reminds us how rare it is to bare our true selves to the world, a mission Frankie Simone exemplifies and sets in motion throughout LOVE//WARRIOR.

Pistils Nursery

Rose Quartz Crystal

With its soft pink hue, the Rose Quartz is affectionately known as the “love gemstone.” Known for its restorative reputation, Rose Quartz helps free up space for the good things while removing bouts of toxicity. Like LOVE//WARRIOR’s message of self-love, this quartz represents a powerhouse of healing and discovery. To use, roll the quartz around in the bed of your palm, meditating in the thoughts that bring enlightenment. Dear love warrior, what message or vibes will you put out in the world?



Mantra Cards


Enamel Pin

Hibiscus and lavender come together in this floral explosion. This refreshing aromatic syrup pairs perfectly with bases like seltzer water—or for those who prefer a cocktail, vodka, gin, tequila and rum.

Like the mosquito repellant properties of lavender, Frankie Simone’s positivity reinforcement challenges others to push back when it comes time to question the norms. Pour away and mix to your liking, this one’s just for you.

Words have power. From the large scale in their ability to trigger a political movement, to the granular level of encouraging words from a parent to a child. Words can influence and radiate beyond ourselves, into our communities, stretching into the beyond. Such mantra cards were used by Frankie Simone when creating her EP, visual tokens to recall power in words. Because it’s important to fuel words aimed at one another with gratefulness, patience and ownership—since when it becomes natural to be kind to oneself, it’s easier to do the same to others.

Throughout this EP, Simone provides encouragement to be authentic, to love fearlessly, to fight negativity with positivity. When it comes to everyday life, such ideas may seem easier said than done.

As a reminder of the power every love warrior holds within, carry the Frankie Simone pin wherever you go. May her anthems help to override any challenges or obstacles one might face.