LOVE//WARRIOR by Frankie Simone


LOVE//WARRIOR by Frankie Simone

LOVE//WARRIOR emerges as rising popstress, Frankie Simone’s debut EP. With the energetic soundscape framing the singer/songwriter's outpour of deeply personal experiences and expressions, Simone’s message only heightens the need to get up, dance, move around—anything but hold back. With anthemic songs such as, “Queer” and “War Paint,” Simone refuses to walk any lines for the sake of appeasing others. This is the artist’s resounding message, her impactful arrival and an invitation to join in uninhibited liberation.

It all began with Simone’s Latin American upbringing where she began exploring influences, finding resounding comfort and roots in her artistic identity through the music played around the house. Growing up, Simone’s father and mother would dance in the living room at night, it was an expression that would stick with her always, eventually becoming inclusive to love//warrior’s aesthetic.

With Simone largely pulling inspiration from her wife and the evolution of their relationship, this record highlights the pursuit and maintenance of a freeing kind of love; it’s a place where boundaries are removed, where deep vulnerability creates space for thriving and advocacy for one another. Deep down this reverberates to the core in almost everyone—who doesn’t crave harmonious, freeing, non-judgmental relationships for themselves?

Simone’s vocals rise and pierce through each song, there’s excitement and hopefulness that entwines together with confidence. Lyrics are fueled with assertiveness, it’s clear Simone’s message needs no further shaping or constructing, there is no wavering here. This ferocity paired with elements of dance and pop pave way for genre reinvention as Simone challenges the boundaries of mainstream topics in music. There’s an uplifting atmosphere booming without cheapening the challenging experiences that LGBTQIA individuals face day in and out. On
the fourth song on the album, “Queer,” Simone shows how speaking one’s truth is an artform that can only be refined and strengthened when put into practice: “We fell in love and want to say it loud [...] that it’s okay to be queer and proud.”

Here listeners can uncover what LOVE//WARRIOR is all about: unapologetically owning one’s story and finding freedom in self-acceptance. Perhaps then thisexplains Simone’s own unabashed embrace of herself, therein radiating throughout her work and branching out to her listeners. If tuning in carefully, there’s enlightenment being echoed between verses; like when tackling any societal norm or injustice, there’s something monumental in finding togetherness, a comfort in knowing the weight is shared.

The magic of LOVE//WARRIOR is Simone openly welcoming everyone to come out onto the dance floor (figuratively and literally), to emerge from the hardships, the hidden and not-so hidden obstacles. It’s a liberation from toxicity and opportunity to step into the light, owning one’s truth. As long as empathy and respect remain at the heart of one’s actions, there’s no wrong way to join in or celebrate here.

As a person of color and a queer woman, Simone understands there will always be mountains to face and climb. And while they may not be going away anytime soon—neither is she.


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If you only listen to one song, make it this one...

"Love You Just The Same" by Frankie Simone

The last song on the EP, “Love You Just the Same” encompasses the moodiness of love’s complex phases. With its multiple rising arcs, the song emits a bittersweet yet equally powerful atmosphere—Simone’s vocals making a case for an intimate relationship that while demanding, is something she’s willing to fight for at all costs. The opening piano channels the likes of Adele, Simone’s vocals quickly shifting gears into an electrifying pop anthem. It’s a intoxicating love ballad that will hold your attention until the very end.