Fantasize by Kye Kye



Fantasize by Kye Kye

Originally from Estonia-the lush Baltic region of Northern Europe—and now based in Portland, Oregon, Kye Kye is a purely collaborative endeavor led by Olga Yagolnikov Phelan—the project's singer, songwriter, and perpetual fountain of angelic, dreamy synth-driven arrangements. Combining atmosphere and ambience with spirited synth-pop sensibilities, Kye Kye feels most at home in the company of contemporaries like the Chromatics, The XX and Beach House.

The project began in their small family home near Portland, Oregon, where music was a constant part of daily life. Olga along with her

brothers Timothy and Alex have made music together since they were children and never imagined doing anything else. The Yagolnikov siblings caught lightning in a bottle with Kye Kye’s debut release Young Love, in 2011— launching them into support roles for national tours, along with radio and commercial success. defining moment for the group. A synth-laden dreamscape, Fantasize brushes atmospheric scenes to canvas, stroke by stroke in celestial colors — as driving drums, hypnotic synths, dreamy guitars and Olga’s angelic vocals effortlessly work toward resolve, hook by hook, one soundscape at a time. 

Fantasize exploded onto the charts in 2014— debuting at #13 on iTunes Top Selling Alternative Albums chart, hitting #7 on the Billboard Heatseekers, and instantly breaking the Top 50 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums of 2014.



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If you listen to one song, make it this one.

"People" by Kye Kye

"People" by Kye Kye is a message in a bottle, reminding us to be calm and collected amidst times of intensity, conflict, and even crisis. This driving electro-pop gem weaves dreamy electric guitars, and airy, ethereal synthesizers together into one cohesive fabric in the form of an enchanted hypnotic soundscape.