The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Orange and Grape Crush Soda


Have a Crush with your crush. These two classic bottles will take you back to your youthful days in the sun sitting in a warm bedding of sand. Both in Orange and Grape flavors, nothing pairs better with the summery feels of Rest in Paradise than this effervescent, refreshing drink. Best enjoyed when chilled, with clinking ice in your favorite tall glass.

Raspberry Cardamom "Kisses” Jam

In celebration of the release Rest in Paradise, the band teamed up with the LA-based restaurant Sqirl on this lip-smackingly good jam, inspired by the band’s hook-laden single, “Jam.” Originally made with plum when the album was released, Sqirl packed this batch with sweet raspberries and cardamom specifically for us. This decadent jar of bliss goes well on pretty much everything. Pretty sweet jam session if you ask us (pun painfully intended).

Wack-o-Wax Lips

Pucker up and send a kiss to the one you fancy with throw-back candy lips. This endearingly charming cherry morsel is perfect to take you back to childhood playfulness. We all love a good smooch every now and then.


Grow Your Own Palm Tree Kit


Create your own personal paradise (ala the beachy vibes of Los Angeles) by simply growing your own palm tree. This kit is literally packed with magic seeds and everything needed to grow this beloved tree of sunshine. Often thought of as an icon for the good life and fun times, your palm tree is a perfect start in preparing the right setting for a proper listen to Rest in Paradise.

Flamingo Bottle Opener

Before you open your Crush sodas, you’ll need the proper tool, and that tool is a flamingo bottle opener, of course. This chic device has a timeless mod look to it. Crafted metal with a gold finish, this fanciful bird opener will help you crack open these sodas like a pro. You’ll feel great doing it.



Incense and Burner

Life wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without warm days in the bright sun, and LA weather couldn’t make this point any clearer. In celebration of the warmer months of the year, the carefully curated incense from Portland-based Age of Earth Collective will round out your record listening experience with the smells of summer -- specifically pine, vetiver and rosewood. These pillars of earthen-crafted ingredients also come with a simple yet artful incense stand. We recommend sitting in your most comfortable chair while listening to the record and letting the billowing essence of the earth surround you.

Mini Sound-Activated Stage Light


What goes well with dancey music? Disco balls, no doubt. Create your own nightclub, wherever you are, with this magical sound-activated, multi-colored light show. Easy to unleash anywhere, you’re well on your way to creating an instant party. We highly recommend turning the record up loud for full light show effect.