The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Magic Light Up Sword


When battling against evil forces in outer space, one needs a proper weapon. These intergalactic swords will light up any room with their sheer power and radiance. With different flashing color settings, the dark side doesn’t stand a chance with their prowess. When wielding the sword, just make sure to clear a space -- we’ve been known to get carried away and knock over a few lamps, or break one (to ten) windows.

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

So much power in the palm of your hand. Music meets magic in this miniature version of an iconic instrument. Invented in 1967, this brand of synthesizer was used by innovators including David Bowie and Kraftwerk. You can now play along with Vol. 1 using this revolutionary electronic instrument. Complete with three settings of original organ sounds, you can connect your iPod too and jam along. Its minimal style carries a large sound that’s big enough for the ether of the galaxy to hear.

Protection Ritual Mister

A sword is only as strong as its intention. Made straight from Portland Apothecary, these small yet mighty tinctures carry the intention of protection, strength and courage. Containing aromatherapeutic essential oils and a perfect blend of Juniper, Spruce and Myrrh, Yarrow flower essence— known as “Warrior’s herb”— is also added in for energetic protection. So set your intentions and spray in whatever room you choose to sit in before listening -- safe travels.


Haint Absinthe


Produced and handcrafted at Dogwood Distilling in Forest Grove, Oregon, this bottle of liquid courage is the perfect pairing when adventuring to the epic journey of Vol. 1. Combining a wealth of local Pacific Northwest alpine herbs -- not to mention a fine brandy distilled from Willamette Valley pinot noir grapes -- this cocktail features a blend of flavors, including Wormwood, Fennel Pollen and Spearmint. A gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, this drink is truly something to behold. Trust us -- one swig of this will send you to the stars.

Space Pops

Victory never tasted so sweet. Each of these solar system pops bottles an entire galaxy within its shiny, sugar-filled surface. Ornately designed with swirls and effervescent colors, each of these delicious morsels represents one of the eight planets. Individually made with pure cane sugar and filtered water, there’s something unique and special to every pop.

Glow in the Dark Planets and Stars


Every story needs a memorable setting, and what’s better than creating your own to explore in? This package of glow-in-the-dark stars presents unlimited possibilities. We recommend putting these up before listening to get the full sensorial experience with Magic Sword’s Vol 1. Once the light turns off, the epic adventure begins.