The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Pfreim IPA

Much like The Domestics’ album, this IPA balances many different elements with ease,  each flavor coalescing into a harmonious medley. Complete with a piney aroma, notes of citrus and grapefruit go hand in hand with the candy-like malty goodness. Be warned, each sip will make you emit small outbursts of uncontrollable joy. Sit back, press play and dive into a full sensorial experience.

Orange Cardamom Caramel Corn

Forget what you know about popcorn and grab a handful of these kernels of heaven. East meets West in this unique treat. With each bite, you’ll find the perfect combo of citrus orange notes and the earthy flavor from the green Indian cardamom, all encased in the classic taste of caramel. Take time and savor each piece, because the faster you cram them into your mouth, the faster they’re going to be gone and you’re going to be so bummed -- we’ve learned this the hard way.

Detox Bath Salts

Starting over isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we need to hit the reset button, and these detox bath salts are the perfect vehicle to a fresh perspective. The smells alone will transport you to your own private piece of land in the woods, communing with nature, taking the first sip of coffee and...where were we? These bath salts come from both the earth and the ocean, combining Hiwa Kai black lava salt and Dead Sea salt soaked in juniper berry and atlas cedarwood essential oils. All you need to do is add the salts to a hot bath, smell the aromas and we’ll see you on the other side.


Leather Mason Mug

Part of why we love The Domestics’ debut record is its timelessness. It gives you something you can always come back to, over and over again. Much is the same of this classic Mason Mug that’s wrapped with the sturdiest, top grade, real leather. What’s more? The handle snaps on and off so you can attach it to your bike, backpack, and even your belt loop. Like a dependable friend, this mug is built to last.

Photo Reels

Much like songs, photos are the best way to document special memories. For this project, we’ve curated photo viewing reels from both The Domestics’ Instagram feed and also from Marmoset’s Instagram feed. Captured in three photo reels, you can place them in your viewfinder (the one we sent you last time), put on the record, shut the rest of the world out, and see the world through eyes of the band… and also through the eyes of a Marmoset. For The Domestics, we grabbed the most quintessential photos that best depict the band and their vibes. For Marmoset, we selected pictures of our own crazy experiences, featuring fun times and the people and places we love.

Pendleton Bandana

The Domestic’s record has some timeless qualities to it. So does the tried and true iconic designs by Pendleton Woolen Mills, based in Portland, Oregon.  This bandana, meticulously handcrafted by Pendleton, can serve the most practical of needs, like that of a handkerchief, or for protection from dust and sun exposure-- or maybe simply serve as a sweet accent to your outfit. Whatever you decide to do with it, it’ll look cool.